Prepare With Foresight  

Scenarios for Disaster Preparedness: Probable, Possible and Preferred Futures

Scenarios for Disaster Preparedness

Previous articles in the series addressed the concepts of implementing strategic foresight, conducting horizon scanning, imagining black swans, and mapping existing systems. Now, we’ll look at developing scenarios

Power Grid Collapse

What happens if the power grid collapses?

It seems that all over the world these days, major power outages are happening without warning. They last for days, weeks, or even months. Sometimes power failures may be caused by extreme weather conditions,...

How to Prepare for Food Shortages

How to Prepare for Food Shortages

The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t only produce a shock in terms of a health crisis.  For the first time in living memory, it revealed just how vulnerable the US food system is to shortages caused...

Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts

Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts

It is that time of year again. Christmas is right around the corner, so it is time to start shopping for your loved ones. Some of the best gifts you can buy are items...

Bug out campsite

How to set up a bug out campsite

We all want to think that the day will never come, but it does. Things have gone horribly wrong and you are forced to leave your home and go to a bug out campsite....

Flooding disaster of multiple houses

Report on Disaster Events

This report contains a list of disaster events that occurred across the world during the stated reporting periods. The events listed do not represent all disaster events that occurred and includes only

Great homesteading gifts

8 Great Homesteading Gifts

If you are a homesteader or know someone who is living the dream of homesteading, you may be wondering what to buy as a gift for that family. Homesteading is a lifestyle that

Paracord Projects, such as making a survival bracelet.

Survival and Everyday Paracord Projects

Cordage is one of the most difficult substances to come by in a survival scenario. It also happens to be one of the most useful. You can replicate cordage using natural materials, but the...