About Prepare with Foresight

Disaster Preparedness Information

Prepare with Foresight is a blog dedicated to the field of disaster preparedness, and aims to assist individuals to establish resilient families and communities. Our goal is to support you, our reader, to arrive at a point where you have the peace of mind that you and your family will be able to recover from, and successfully adapt to the consequences of adverse events.

We believe the foundation of disaster preparedness is insight and understanding; to align your approach to preparedness with a realistic view of what your future might hold. This is the only way to understand how you need to prepare; there is no one size fits all approach to preparedness.

We also serve a diverse audience, and for this reason, we aim to publish articles covering a range of topics; wilderness survival, homesteading, emergency preparedness, cybersecurity, hunting, risk management, and strategic foresight. If it aligns with our purpose and we believe it will benefit our audience, we will publish it.

We always appreciate feedback on what we are doing, so please connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. You are also welcome to contact us with your ideas or comments.